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New series coming up

2009-01-30 17:02:50 by Giroki

I´m going to make a new series that´s going to be called My life as a teenager and the plot is about my everyday life that I exaggerate a little bit. I´m going to make one like every two day and when I don´t have any homeworks to do. I´m actually going to start with the series tomorrow so if you have any questions
just send me a message or comment on my news post.

New series coming up


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2009-01-30 17:21:18

Ayo man its goin down tonight all the hippinest hoppinest gansta's gettin it on at Paryl's place with a sick-ass cypher check it out and join in yo this is gonna b da bomb of the century!

Giroki responds:

Thanks for the tip but what does that have to do with my news post?