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New video

2012-10-18 13:02:59 by Giroki

check my new video :)

the guitar of death

2009-07-18 09:30:49 by Giroki

made a drawing and I hope that you´ll like it

the guitar of death

my series is starting

2009-02-01 11:38:35 by Giroki

Hi everybody go over and see my new flash video at and I like it very much.

my series is starting

New series coming up

2009-01-30 17:02:50 by Giroki

I´m going to make a new series that´s going to be called My life as a teenager and the plot is about my everyday life that I exaggerate a little bit. I´m going to make one like every two day and when I don´t have any homeworks to do. I´m actually going to start with the series tomorrow so if you have any questions
just send me a message or comment on my news post.

New series coming up

sport mishap

2008-09-20 16:50:16 by Giroki

Alright, here it is sport mishaps. Submitted it today and I´m very surprised with the score that I got cus I thougd it was going to receive like 1 in score but just see for yourself, hope you like it.

new flash movie

2008-09-12 09:22:56 by Giroki

I was going to talk about the new flash movie I was talking about in my last news post. Anyway I haven´t mastered flash 8 yet cus it´s a lot more for more advanced flash artists and I´m just like a rookie so I´m going to make the video on flash 3 that I´ve done all the other videos in. It´s going to be called: sport mishap and I´m not really sure when it´ll come out but one day it will, promise

new flash movie on it´s way

2008-06-26 04:20:05 by Giroki

Alright, I´m working on a new flash movie and this is the first movie that I will submit that´s made with macromedia flash 8 so it´s going to look pretty darn bad visually but I´m going to put most of the effort in the voiceacting aspecially so eh... Stay tuned

super mario galaxy 2

2008-06-19 11:11:14 by Giroki

I wonder if there will be a super mario galaxy 2 cus a guy on xbox live told me so

the next zelda

2008-06-16 13:57:05 by Giroki

Does anyone know anything about if there will be another Zelda game tell me anyone who knows

halo 4

2008-06-14 05:45:50 by Giroki

I wonder what halo 4 is going to be like